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SQL Server Analysis Services Linking to Other Instance Feature is Disabled

This is related to my previous post on cloning VMs. I was not able to connect to the Analysis Server and Synchronize (cubes) between databases because of the following error.

Errors in the OLE DB provider.┬áThe server returned the following, error: (Errors related to feature availability and configuration:┬áThe ‘Linking to other instance.’ feature is disabled by the ‘ConfigurationSettingsFeatureLinkFromOtherInstanceEnabled’ configuration property.)

Msmdsrv.ini the following path is the configuration file in the system directory. Set “LinkFromOtherInstanceEnabled” property to TRUE (1) and save and restart analysis service.

/Microsoft SQL Server/MSAS10_50.MSSLSERVER/OLAP/Config/msmdsrv.ini



That may work in some cases, you will still might the error. It’s best just to delete all your cubes and Synchronize between databases from scratch. I did have a few cubes that still did not want to behave well. In fact, trying to Synchronize them crashed the Analysis Services service. For those troublesome cubes, I simply re-dployed with BIDS.


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