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Analysis of the Skins Schedule…If the NFL does play this Season

‎** Sunday, Sep 11 4:15 p.m. Redskins vs. New York Giants
Ugh.. 10th anniversary of 9/11 with the two 9/11 teams. This means an hours worth of touchy feely fluff before the game and endless references to that day throughout the game by sports guys turned historians and defense analysts for a day .. The fans will get an overflight of F16s

** Sunday, Sep 18 1 p.m. Redskins vs. Arizona Cardinals
An early start to a boring game… I’ll make sure there is an extra six in the fridge for the 4:00 Nationals game

** Monday, Sep 26 8:30 p.m. Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
Only Monday Night Game… from Gerryland. I’m not sure who broadcasts it. It will take an hour to find the channel… Whatever the outcome, I will worthless the next morning.

* Sunday, Oct 2 1 p.m. Redskins at St. Louis Rams
The blind leading the blind

** Sunday, Oct 2 Bye week…Well whoop dee doo

** Sunday, Oct 16 1 p.m. Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Shanny will say what a hard fought game it was but (fill in the blank).. The team does come back home with a lot of D cell batteries.

** Sunday, Oct 23 1 p.m. Redskins at Carolina Panthers
Day after Rosstoberfest… A good excuse for a kill the keg party.

** Sunday, Oct 30 4:05 p.m. Redskins at Buffalo Bills
Finally a late game. I would rake leaves if there were leaves to rake… Maybe the Skins win this one.

‎** Sunday, Nov 6 1 p.m. Redskins vs. San Francisco 49ers
Another yawner… By this time there will a lot of people happy that the deposit check for their season tickets bounced.

** Sunday, Nov 13 1 p.m. Redskins at Miami Dolphins
If I were in Miami I’d go to this one for the party. Skins should mathmatically out of playoffs by now or pretty close to it

** Sunday, Nov 20 1 p.m. Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys
Dallas week! need I say more… Rake is getting rusty.

** Sunday, Nov 27 4:05 p.m. Redskins at Seattle Seahawks
Finally I can get at the leaves.. The wife is mad that the yard looked hell on Thanksgiving day.
I’m thinking this will be the 2nd maybe 3rd win of the season.

** Sunday, Dec 4 1 p.m. Redskins vs. New York Jets
I get a chance for free tickets, but don’t go because of freezing rain..I watch the game and comment on how miserable everyone looks in the stands

** Sunday, Dec 11 1 p.m. Redskins vs. New England
We get Crushed, Xmas tree looks nice

** Sunday, Dec 18 1 p.m. Redskins at New York Giants
The wife goes Xmas shopping.. I watch game and get sick

** Saturday, Dec 24 1 p.m. Redskins vs. Minnesota Vikings
McNabb’s Revenge game …Blah blah blah

** Sunday, Jan 1 1 p.m. Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles
Aren’t there Bowl Games Going on? The team does come back home with a lot of D cell batteries.

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