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Clydes of Tyson’s Corner

Went for the lunch menu for our 15 year anniversary. Service was excellent, the food was so-so. If you like all your food seriously drowned in sauce and butter, go for it.

We started with the hummus -it had an unhealthy layer of oil on top with an uninviting plate. The waitress explained it was meant to be that way (?).

The mussels were fishy and tasted old. I imagined some kind of neurological problem rearing it’s ugly head in my future.  She had the beet salad with the dressing on the side -very good, fresh and I am so glad that entire gallon of dressing didn’t end up wilting it. The acorn stuffed squash was full of fat and butter. The first bite was good, but she gagged at every other bite.

I thought it might be a healthy choice, but oh my goodness.

I had the salmon special -just good. Not great. Also, I’m not sure why but all of the drinks had fruit flies in them. Manager on duty laughed it off, but I’m sure they just scooped out the fly in the first drink and brought it back as there were still remnants of wings in my drink. The “Honey Sidecar” in the sugared martini glass was excellent-best part of the whole meal- and I am saying that although I picked a fruit fly out of that one too. It made the squash taste delicious after three drinks 🙂

The waitress explained they have an ongoing problem -Ugh.

Overall, you are better just going to another cheaper chain like Outback or even Ruby Tuesdays (love the salad bar) and the drinks aren’t $9.25 a pop.

Also, The Creme Brulee was runny and more pudding-like. I just kept sipping my Honey Sidecar and everything was alright….. In a nutshell – DON’T BOTHER

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