Verizon FIOS and IMDB EPG mapping for Emby and Media Portal

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Aug 292017

US Grabber File located in – C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\WebEPG\grabbers\US\www_imdb_com.xml
This is for Verizon Fios in the Washington, D.C. and Metro area.
I had to also modified C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\WebEPG\WebEPG.xml to match channels with my imdb file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Info language="en" availableDays="14" timezone="" version="2.0" />

  You need to customize this imdb_com grabber file with your channel list and ZIPCODE.
  See MediaPortal Wiki Setup Guides WebEPG for instructions.
  Copy/paste the following link into a web browser or search the Wiki
<Channel id="CW50 HD" siteId="WDCWDT" />
<Channel id="NBC4 Washington (WRC-DT)" siteId="WRCDT" />
<Channel id="WZDC_HD" siteId="WZDCLD" />
<Channel id="WUSA-SD" siteId="WUSADT" />
<Channel id="WUSA-HD" siteId="WUSADT" />
<Channel id="WUSA we" siteId="WUSADT2" />
<Channel id="WUSA bo" siteId="WUSADT3" />
<Channel id="WTTG-SD" siteId="WTTGDT" />
<Channel id="WTTG_HD" siteId="WTTGDT" />
<Channel id="WTTG BU" siteId="WTTGDT2" />
<Channel id="ME TV" siteId="WTTGDT3" />
<Channel id="WMDO-HD" siteId="WMDOCA" />
<Channel id="WMDO-CD" siteId="WMDOLD" />
<Channel id="WMDE-SD" siteId="WMDEDT" />
<Channel id="WMDE_HD" siteId="WMDEDT" />
<Channel id="WJLA-HD" siteId="WJLADT" />
<Channel id="WJLACMT" siteId="WJLADT3" />
<Channel id="WJLACHG" siteId="WJLADT2" />
<Channel id="WJLA-TB" siteId="WJLADT4" />
<Channel id="WHUT Ki" siteId="WHUTDT2" />
<Channel id="WHUT_HD" siteId="WHUTDT" />
<Channel id="WDCA_HD" siteId="WDCADT" />
<Channel id="WDVM-HD" siteId="WDVMDT" />
<Channel id="WETA-HD" siteId="WETADT" />
<Channel id="WETA UK" siteId="WETADT2" />
<Channel id="MPTKIDS" siteId="WETADT3" />
<Channel id="TV26" siteId="WETADT4" />
<Channel id="HEROES" siteId="WDCADT3" />
<Channel id="IONLife" siteId="IONLIFE" />
<Channel id="ION-HD" siteId="WPXWDT" />
<Channel id="MOVIES!" siteId="WDCADT2" />
<Channel id="Cozi TV" siteId="WRCDT2" />
<Channel id="AntTV" siteId="WDCWDT2" />
<Channel id="qubo" siteId="QUBO" />
<Channel id="ThisTV" siteId="WDCWDT" />

  <Listing type="Html">
    <Site url="[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]/[ID]&amp;start_date=[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]/?zip=22032&amp;tv_prov=VA65087" post="" external="false" encoding="" />
      <Template name="default" start="single_station_container">
        <SectionTemplate tags="TB">


  <Search match="(?&lt;=&lt;i&gt;(?!&lt;a))(.*?)(?=&amp;nbsp;&lt;\/i&gt;)" field="#SUBTITLE" remove="true" />
  <Search match="(?&lt;=&lt;i&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;/title/tt\d{7}/&quot;&gt;)(.*?)(?=&lt;\/a&gt;)" field="#SUBTITLE" remove="true" />
  <Search match="&amp;nbsp;-&amp;nbsp;" field="#JUNK" remove="true" />
  <Search match=":&amp;nbsp;" field="#JUNK" remove="true" />



    <Channel id="WZDC_HD" displayName="WZDC_HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WTTG_HD" displayName="WTTG BU" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WUSA-HD" displayName="WUSA-HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WUSA bo" displayName="WUSA Bo" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WUSA we" displayName="WUSA we" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WTTG_HD" displayName="WTTG_HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WMDO-HD" displayName="WMDO-HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName="WMDE 36.1 (WMDE_HD)" />
    <Channel id="WJLA-HD" displayName="WJLA-HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WJLA-HD" displayName="WJLACMT" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WJLA-HD" displayName="WJLACHG" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WJLA-HD" displayName="WJLA_TB" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WHUT_HD" displayName="WHUT_HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WHUT_HD" displayName="WHUT Ki" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WETA-HD" displayName="WETA-HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WETA-HD" displayName="WETA UK" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WDVM-HD" displayName="WDVM-SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WDVM-HD" displayName="WDVM-HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WDCA-HD" displayName="WDCA_HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName="TV26" />
    <Channel displayName="ThisTV " />
    <Channel displayName="qubo" />
    <Channel id="NBC4 Washington (WRC-DT)" displayName="NBC4 Washington (WRC-DT )" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WHUT-SD" displayName="MPT-SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName="MPTKIDS" />
    <Channel id="WETA-HD" displayName="MPT-HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName="MPT-2SD" />
    <Channel displayName="MPT-2 H" />
    <Channel displayName="MOVIES!" />
    <Channel displayName="ME TV 5.3 (METV   )" />
    <Channel id="IONLife" displayName="IONLife" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName="ION-HD" />
    <Channel displayName="HEROES" />
    <Channel id="CW50 HD" displayName="CW50 HD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName="Cozi TV" />
    <Channel id="AntTV" displayName="AntTV  " grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WZDC-SD" displayName="WZDC-SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WUSA-SD" displayName="WUSA-SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WTTG-SD" displayName="WTVR SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WTTG-SD" displayName="WTTG-SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WJLA-SD" displayName="WRLH SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WMDO-CD" displayName="WMDO-CD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName="WMDE 36.1 (WMDE-SD)" />
    <Channel id="WJLA-SD" displayName="WJLA-SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel id="WHUT-SD" displayName="WHUT-SD" grabber="US\www_imdb_com.xml" />
    <Channel displayName=" WETA K" />

Raspberry Pi – PulseAudio daemon SystemWide at Boot

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Feb 042017

Various findings on how to start PulseAudio at boot. has general information on running PulseAudio systemwide at boot. Those instructions, however, did not seem to actually start the daemon at boot.

sudo chmod 555 /var/run/pulse/.config/pulse/cookie
to get around cookie file/authentication errors.

Modifying /etc/pulse/ with…
load-module module-native-protocol-unix auth-anonymous=1
…seems to help. But, I have no audio when booting into the Pixel GUI.

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