Email Criteria

As most email addresses (cyber names) carry a certain anonymity, it becomes necessary to incorporate additional safeguards.

All email must include the following:

1) A subject header that either identifies the sender or the specific topic of the email. Email without subject headers will not be opened.

2) Body text which describes the nature of any attachment. See below for attachment limitations.

3) If your name does not appear in the subject heading, your name must appear in the body of the email.

Email will not be opened which contains any of the following:

1) An .exe (executable) file attachment.

2) Any compressed or zip file attachment.

3) Forwarded documents

Only the following attachments will be accepted and opened:

1) Microsoft Word Documents (Not Works)

2) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations


1) All emails should be directed to This is the only address that I regularly check and from which I accept student submissions.

2) Email submissions are done at your own risk. Computer failures, lost files, work not backed up or system downtime will not be an acceptable excuse for late submissions. All work is due by the assignment due date. No excuses or exceptions for any reason.

3) Email submissions that are date stamped after the due date and time accrue points off for each day (not class) that is late. All emails will be acknowledged. If you don't receive an acknowledgment, I didn't receive your email. Look for that acknowledgement..

4) If I email you, I expect a reply that you received it. If you email me, I will reply accordingly. If you do not get a reply from me within a few hours, send it again.

Email Gary Wheeler