Letters and Evaluations of Former Students

1. Describe the best features of your instructor's teaching:

"Very rounded personality."

"The way he talked about work."

"Easy to understand."

"Great sense of humor. Fun to joke around with. Cares about students. Helps you in any way possible."

"He was fun and made the class interesting. He was able to unite the class as a whole rather than having us be completely separate."

"Awesome teacher--only professor I've had that really cared about his students."

2. Given the opportunity would you take a course again with this instructor?

"Yes, it was worth it."

"Yes, because he made everything seem so easy and fun."

"Yes, one of the best teachers I ever had."

"Yes, definitely because he can keep my attention, he actually cares about his students' learning and he's a very good teacher."

"Absolutely. He was very organized and a very good speaker. Every teacher should set up a website like he did. It was extremely convenient!!"

"Yes, he is my favorite teacher."


Mr. Wheeler,

My name is Wayne MacKenzie and I took your speech class at AACC during the winter of 2001. You probably don’t remember me, but when I took your class during that winter session, I had just finished my first year at Millersville University and didn’t do very well. I was an aspiring meteorologist and I felt like my dreams were crumbling in front of me because of my poor performance. You’re speech class was amazing and taught me a lot about my dreams and goals. And the thing that moved me and changed my life was something you had said to me when I emailed you for my final grade. You said, “Success is within your grasp, but sometimes it’s a matter of timing.” After a better second semester (not too much better), I lived by the quote. Next thing I know, I was interning everywhere (TV stations and government agencies), doing better in school and next thing I knew I had graduated from Millersville May 2004. Now I’m in graduate school getting my master’s in atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and I’m an on-air freelance meteorologist at WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Alabama. I’m doing VERY well in school now! I just wanted to say you were an amazing teacher not only in the classroom but for life as well. I just wanted to email you saying thanks! I hope all is well. Take care. Wayne (Name used by permission)

"You are an excellent professor. I am glad I was fortunate enough to get into your class. I had no idea it would be such a positive experience. You have changed my life !!...But the most important thing is that I will finally finish my degree, knowing that I passed the most challenging class (to me) out there in the curriculum."

"I had a great time in your class, as always. I really feel I learned a lot. I used to never enjoy going to class till EMF271. It was the class that made me realize I wanted to do EMF, television. Since then I try to never miss a class, because I never want to.

In EMF373, I feel you reinforced the material I was taught and helped me apply it to my work. By critiquing my pieces, you explained my mistakes, so that I could then understand where I went wrong, fix it, and then improve. I know the ultimate goal of a teacher is to inspire their students and that's exactly what you did. You're a great teacher, and a real role model. Your sense of humor made class enjoyable to go to each time. You taught me to get things done, and the importance of planning ahead. And you even helped advise me when I was a complete mess and didn't know what to do for my schedule. It's really going to (be terrible) not having you as a teacher next semester. Thank you."

"I don't know if you remember, but on the first day of class during introductions, it was said that this was my first college course. As soon as I got out of high school I got a full time job and worked 60 hours a week every week doing, I guess you could call it: blue collar work. The whole time my father trying to persuade me that life would be easier and more comfortable if I just had a college degree. Needless to say I didn't believe him, nor even want to explore that avenue. On the day before my 20th birthday I registered for "The Fundamentals of Oral Communication." Why? Because my health insurance was about to lapse. I was not at all interested in the class, the college, or the benefits. The reason why I am telling you all this is because you have changed my mind. You were energetic about teaching and presented it in a way that made me excited to learn about it. I was fearful about coming to class at first. What if my teacher is horrible? What if it's boring? What if I! just can't do it? But all of those doubts were put aside almost instantly. You told interesting stories that pertained to the material, you gave notes with excellent examples making it easier for me to understand, you even quoted one of my favorite comedy routines ("I’m foolin’ you and you don’t like it!"). I enjoyed your class extensively and am about to sign up for a full class schedule for the spring semester. Thank you for being a great teacher. I believe you should be commended. Thank you again."

"You’re enthusiasm, excitement and confidence was contagious. I feel so much better about myself, and about my future. It’s hard to believe, but I will actually miss your class. I really enjoyed being a part of it."

“I really enjoyed the class and I will definitely walk away a better person…thanks for the experiences and the wealth of knowledge.”

"Thank you for being such an inspirational influence in my life. I will never forget you."

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. You made class interesting and informative... Thanks for your encouragement and insight, it was very helpful."

"I... want to say I really did enjoy your class, and learned a lot, not just about speaking but about myself. A lot of the information discussed in class made me rethink some of my views. I want to say thank you."

"Was so looking forward to taking a sociology class this second half of the summer semester but I found the professor to be intolerable after only one day. He certainly could benefit from taking one of your classes...Again thank you for a great learning experience and a series of challenges. Also thanks for the constructive criticism."

"First, I would like to thank you for an interesting learning experience. Second, I must commend you on your teaching technique. Never dull or boring, I never felt sleepy in class. You have flair and are very professional. You have the ability to make people feel comfortable."