Updated: June 3, 2013

Private coaching available. Contact:


Be sure to order a copy of John's audition book. www.theauditionbook.com

John is available for speaking engagements. Please contact Susan Allenbach

We also offer individual teleprompter instruction and effective monologue creation.

Students have traveled from Stafford, VA, Bristol, PA, York PA, Maryland's Eastern Shore, McLean VA and Washington, DC. If it's important to you, the experience will be worth the trip.

If you would like to go on our waiting list, please email gary@actorsco.com

From two of our students:

Gary and John,

I just couldn’t resist telling you that at my first audition for Cima Talent, the first thing Gigi said to me afterwards was, “Do you teach on camera classes?”

I’ve had other instructors before you two who definitely got me to a place where I could get infinitely more out of your classes, yet since you are the only two people I’ve studied with in recent years, I really wanted you to know that I’m very aware of how much your instruction got me to a stronger level so that I could actually be even asked this question.

I am so grateful for your excellent teaching and have really enjoyed getting to know both of you as well.

Diane Ligon

Dear Gary and John:

I want to tell you both what I really think about you and your whole Working Actor program. Acting is hard, you say. So is teaching. I've always been wary of self-appointed experts; people who hold themselves out as being knowledgeable enough to teach someone else what they think they know and actually charge filthy lucre for it.

So going in, I'm skeptical, even though I've heard good things about your courses from people I respect. But in the first hour or so of Working Actor I, that skepticism vanished from my mind like a short list of nouns. My outlook on the two of you and your Working Actor 1 & 2 classes is about as positive as anything I've been involved with in this business. O.K., the memory exercises drove me nuts, but that's because I have serious retention issues or something. I forget.

Seriously, your Working Actor I & 2 classes have been a genuine learning experience for me, one that I would recommend to anyone who would aspire to work as an actor at any level in any medium. I respect the two of you for your obvious knowledge and experience, for your labors in developing an instructive and unique curriculum, and for the friendly, humorous, and humanizing way you work with your students.
Having written all that, I should tell you that you have both helped me learn more about myself. That's the subtle effect good teachers can have on a motivated, if somewhat scattered and erratic student.

Christopher Lee Philips

One-Day Workshops
Offered from time to time and available to theatrical groups.

65 Reasons Why You Didn't Get Cast and What You Can Do About It.

Headshot Photography--Fads, Facts & Myth-Conceptions

Face: The Facts!

Acting on your "Seat"

The Teleprompter
We are now offering a teleprompter class for those actors pursuing corporate or governmental video work. This five-hour session examines the three basic uses of the teleprompter and the appropriate performance techniques .  A mainstay of the industrial video market, the teleprompter can be a wonderful aid to your performance or an exploitation of your weaknesses. You’ll receive a practical understanding of these systems and the opportunity to work through various scenarios. Learn what you can ask, what you should ask and what you must ask. We are currently offering private instruction to maximize your time on-camera. Course fee is $245. For additional information or to place your name on our waiting list, please contact us via email at gary@actorsco.com

Private Coaching
Occasionally we have discovered that an actor requires special attention for a short period of time. This may be to provide assistance on a specific project or simply serve as a refresher prior to a new commitment. The mentoring program is not designed to replace classroom activity. There is great benefit in working through a program with other students that can't be duplicated in private sessions. This program is practical only if the scope desired is limited to a narrow attack. Help may be provided for either film & television or theatrical performance.
Meeting times are flexible. For more information or to schedule an evaluation please contact us via email at gary@actorsco.com